The Accelerations Difference

At Accelerations, we believe it is never too early to start learning. Our little 4 and 5 year olds can read, write sentences and small paragraphs, and utilize math concepts for computation and problem solving. However, our success is not in how far we go beyond boundaries. Our gratification comes in how confident our students become and how well they understand what we are teaching them. They do not just know how to add; they know what adding means.

From the age of 4 to about 6th grade, we accelerate in reading, writing and math. Even if you are strong in one of these areas, we want to continue to build even more strength in something you enjoy and are good at. Feeling really good about your strengths will give you the courage to take risks at strengthening your weaknesses. From middle school through high school, students come to Accelerations for help in specific subject areas such as biology, chemistry, geometry and so on. After each private or small group session, we update parents on their child's progress via email. Finally, we offer specialty classes like the good old SSAT and SAT. It is amazing that test strategies are 80% of what you need to know for tests like that. Read on to find the course that is right for you!

Our Courses

Traditional Courses

Traditional Courses

Accelerations focuses on strengthening skills of the previous grade level and accelerating into what is coming in the year ahead.


Our lower elementary program works on the basic skills while accelerating into higher level concepts

  • Reading - Students will focus on the pleasure that reading provides while developing their comprehension, phonics and word attack skills.
  • Writing - Improvement comes through experiences in oral and written expression. Spelling and grammar in conjunction with writing make up a major part of this curriculum.
  • Mathematics - Math skills are strengthened by studying number concepts and relationships. The curriculum includes perfoming fundamental operations and solving story problems.

Class Length

1 hour

Course Prices

Small Group - $55 per

Individual - $68 per session


For the upper elementary students, we expand their understanding of the basic skills to achieve a higher level of thinking. The middle school and high school classes are tailored to the students specific subject needs as they sharpen their skills and accelerate through their classes.

  • Reading - Students work on improving their reading comprehension skills along with test taking strategies.
  • Writing - Students begin with pre-writing drafting and revision of topic writing. They will be taught how to organize their thoughts and ideas, use different word choices and improve the fluency of each paragraph.
  • Mathematics - Basic skills will be improved and practiced while learning to perform problem solving at higher levels of thinking.
  • Pre-Algebra-Algebra II - The idea is to master basic skills needed to be successful in these classes or "clean-up" on concepts from the previous year. Then the focus is on topics such as solving for variables, graphing, functions and quadratic equations.
  • Geometry - Students are introduced to proofs, relationships of lines, angles and similarity and then shown how to apply the knowledge that will be taught in their class.
  • Other Subjects as necessary - This includes social studies, calculus, trigonometry, biology, chemestry, and physics.

Class Length

1.5 Hours

Course Price

$68 per 1.5 hour session

Individual Sessions

We will work individually with students on a wide variety of subjects:

  • Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus/Trigonometry, Statistics
  • English/Writing
  • General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Individualized Test Prep

Class Length

1 Hour

Course Prices

$68 per 1 hour session

Contact us for course availability and scheduling and to ensure your place on our list.

SAT and SSAT Prep Courses

Prep Courses

Need to prepare for the SSAT or SAT?


Students will learn priceless strategies that will serve them well on the exam and in their academic careers. They will also:

  • Have realistic practice and training
  • Develop skills in a comprehensive manner
  • Be in class with a dynamic teacher who cares about their success

Course Price

$60 per class day

Diagnostic test required before student can sign up for course - $60

Course Duration

Ongoing throughout the school year

Class Schedule

SAT Prep

This course prepares students for the writing, reading and math strategies of the SAT test. It focuses on test taking strategies and practice via mock exams. Students will:

  • Learn how to improve memory
  • Know their strengths and weaknesses
  • Master math and verbal techniques
  • Sharpen their speed and timing
  • Learn valuable test-taking strategies

Course Price

SAT Class - $80 per 2 hour long session

Strengthening Strategies (for those who have finished session 1) - $60 per session

Course Duration

Ongoing throughout the school year

General Information


Sibling discount - 15% (second child) and 20%(third child)
Teachers and Educators - 10% Mahalo discount
Military - 10%

*Note - Discounts do not apply to individual sessions.Discounts are not stackable.